We understand that our customers value innovative and quality-based solutions. Importantly, the requirements that our customers have must be met with the same level of service excellence provided by even the most experienced firms. We recognize also that our customers often choose forward-looking solutions for their innovation, cost reduction, and responsiveness.

Providing services that meet all requirements, exceed expectations, and affirm the merits of why our customers choose us is our primary goal. Doing so in an entrepreneurial, cost-effective, and timely manner chiefly describes our commitment to preserving the service benefits that are so important to our customers.

Central Research, Inc. provides specialized services and solutions across multiple disciplines to the federal, state, and commercial markets.

If you would like more information regarding CRI’s capabilities, please email info@central-research.com.

Our Professional Services Include:

  • Training/Course Development
  • Acquisition Management/Contract Management/Close Out Support
  • Litigation Services
  • Professional and Administrative Services
  • Conference Planning and Set-Up

Our Financial Services & Solutions Include:

  • Improper Payments Solutions
  • Death/Incarceration Matching
  • Payment Reduction
  • Fraud Waste and Abuse
  • Call Center and Debt Collections

Our Records/Document Management Services Include:

  • FOIA Cradle-to-Grave Services
  • Scanning/Digital Support
  • Document Processing/
  • Electronic Records Conversion
  • Visa/Immigration Paperwork Processing
  • Mail/Digital Mail Services

Our Information Technology Services Include:

  • Help Desk/Contact Center
  • IT Facilities Management
  • Systems Engineering/Cyber Security
  • Data Analytics/Visualization
  • Mobile Applications