Quality results. Exceptional experience.

Central Research Inc. (CRI) offers a variety of financial, management and IT solutions for clients in government and commercial sectors.

We understand the value our clients place on receiving quality service with a best-in-class experience – no matter what the requirements.

At CRI, we tackle challenges with innovative solutions that produce quality, cost-effective results. Whether government or commercial, we have the experience and expertise to meet your expectations.

Learn more about our capabilities below.

Professional & Administrative Services

Professional & Administrative Services

We offer quality-assured, cost-effective services that help reduce organizational costs, improve operational efficiencies and enable agency resources and funds to be refocused on core roles and responsibilities. Learn more about these services.

  • Contact Center Services
  • Contact Tracing Solutions
  • Portfolio Program & Project Management
  • Contract & Acquisition Management
  • Logistics Training Support
Records & Information Management Services

Records & Information Management Services

We provide a range of life-cycle records and information management services that combine technology, quality control, file operations and program management to ensure unmatched results.

  • Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Lifecycle
  • Litigation Support, Privacy Act
  • Mail, Digital Mail Operations
  • Document Production Services
  • Electronic Records Management Solutions
Financial Management Services

Financial Management Services

From debt collection services to solutions that help reduce fraud, waste and abuse, we help clients save money and improve their bottom line. Learn more about these services.

  • Debt Collection
  • Death Verification and Audit
  • Incarceration Audit
Information Technology Services

Information Technology Services

Our clients can depend on top-level security and innovation when it comes to our IT services, including end-user support, infrastructure management, IT facilities management and more.

  • End User Services
  • IT Facilities Management
  • Infrastructure Administration
  • Enterprise Security Operations
  • Application Development & Support

Want to learn more? Contact us at sales@central-research.com.