Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and Privacy Act requests can easily overwhelm an organization. The number and complexity of requests received can readily turn into a backlog. Without enough personnel or a capable contractor to help process and close those requests, the risk of not responding to requesters in a timely manner increases greatly and places the agency in the position of juggling an ever-escalating backlog of cases.

Why We’re Different

We understand that not every agency process FOIA requests the same way. We’re skilled at hiring at all levels – from analysts to paralegals to attorneys – to meet our client’s needs.

We have the experience in staffing the right people – and quickly. Upon award of a contract, we’re able to quickly identify, recruit, vet and train the right people for the job – at all levels – per our client’s requirements.

We Can Help

Central Research Inc. (CRI) has proven experience providing FOIA and Privacy Act support, successfully supporting 12 federal contracts across eight agencies. Our analysts are skilled at communicating with all stakeholders, helping increase program efficiency and reduce backlog.

Cradle-to-grave FOIA services: CRI can handle more than just one part of the process – we can manage it from start to finish. Our experienced analysts assist with the day-to-day operations of processing incoming and backlogged FOIA requests. We can handle it all, including:

  • Communicating directly with requesters.
  • Contacting all parties to fulfill the request.
  • Determining what is allowed to be released.
  • Completing documentation that is required.

FOIA and Privacy Act backlog reduction: We understand each agency has their own procedural requirements, and we’re experienced finding the right talent needed to make a quick impact. Our skilled analysts have the training to quickly help program offices become more efficient and reduce backlogs.

Designing and implementing FOIA programs: We have experience setting up FOIA/PA programs from the ground up. We can help transition program offices from a decentralized FOIA processing model to a centralized processing model. We also provide training and assistance with developing plans and policies to help streamline procedures and increase processing productivity and case closures.

Case adjudication and litigation support experts: We provide the subject matter expertise in case adjudication and litigation support to enable customers to refocus resources to complex litigation roles.

Service Delivery

Services can be delivered under our GSA MAS contract or through several small business categories via our joint ventures and strategic partnerships.

If you would like more information regarding CRI’s capabilities, please email