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Contact/Call Center and Fee and Debt Collection


From CRI’s front-line collectors to its executive management, our employees are seasoned professionals who are experts in their field. We bring a wealth of industry knowledge as well as our own personal touch of being able to add cohesiveness, trust, team spirit, and an understanding of our company values. We offer an ethical collection program founded on proven methodologies that are as effective as they are compliant, with the regulations that govern the recovery of higher education debt. At CRI, we reach out to your constituents for payment in a friendly, respectful manner, and quickly establish a good relationship, directly assisting with any payment arrangements and then closely monitoring the interaction through resolution. We proudly demonstrate our commitment to quality by being fully FISMA certified, meaning we protect all sensitive data gathered and maintained in our system from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, or destruction in order to guarantee confidentiality.


At CRI we realize that all successful collection efforts start with an exceptional team. We proudly provide successful recovery programs for the United States Department of Education. CRI assists borrowers with the best repayment options based on their current financial situation to resolve their defaulted student loans. In addition to these program options, we also assist ED in collecting the appropriate documentation if the borrower is deceased, disabled, incarcerated, or has a situation resulting in a programmatic cancellation. We have the resources, the personnel, and the demonstrated experience delivering exceptional collection programs.

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Fraud, Waste, Abuse and Improper Payment Reduction


Central Research, Inc. is an industry leader in providing “real time” deceased information. We specialize in deceased audits to accurately and quickly identify deceased individuals within customer beneficiary data.

​We identify, verify, and document deceased individuals to help our customers prevent improper payments, and to reduce fraud associated with ineligible beneficiaries and pension plan participants. Our services are fast, easy to use, and secure.

We operate in the commercial industry and government sectors. Our current customers include state pension programs, state administered teacher retirement programs, and commercial entities working with federal collection programs to recover defaulted monies owed.

​Our proprietary database contains over 85 million records of deceased individuals, and is updated daily.

Our deceased data sources include:

  • Nationwide, daily updates from public information released on local levels.
  • Weekly updates from the Social Security Administration’s Death Master File (DMF).
  • In-house dedicated team of administrative research professionals.

​We compare the file to our extensive database of records and produce deceased matching results within minutes. Our unique matching logic allows us to identify more deceased matches than most competitors in the industry. To prove that we can find more deceased individuals than our competitors, we offer one free, first-time data scrub to interested customers.

​Since 2005, we have developed relationships with thousands of funeral homes and vital records offices across all 50 states and some U.S. territories. These homegrown relationships allow us to obtain accurate deceased information more quickly.

Customer trust and integrity are very important to us. We take our existing security standards very seriously.

Contact us today to learn about our free trial offer!


Obtaining a death certificate can be a time consuming process. Each city, county and state vital records office has different requirements and procedures that must be met in order to obtain a death certificate.

​We have longstanding relationships – built from years of experience working with vital records offices across all 50 states and some U.S. territories, to obtain a death certificate. Our success rate is among the highest in the industry.

We complete all of the administrative work necessary to deliver a copy or original death certificate to meet the customer’s deadlines.

​We help our customers reduce administrative burdens, and deliver fast, accurate deceased information.


Our incarceration audit services are one of a kind. We are experts in identifying incarcerated individuals within client beneficiary data. Our services are a fast, easy, and secure solution to prevent overpayments and fraud associated with incarcerated beneficiaries and plan participants. We are one of the only competitors in the industry to offer this unique service. Let us help you prevent overpayments to incarcerated individuals!

​Thousands of people are incarcerated each day in the U.S. Many of these people are receiving some type of government benefit or pension. We provide our clients with the information they need to stop, reduce or suspend a payment while an individual is incarcerated. We can also help clients in the collections industry know about individuals that are incarcerated so that they can stop wasting time and money trying to collect on an account.

​Our incarceration database contains over 60 million records, and is updated frequently. We receive incarceration data from:

  • State and federal sources on a weekly and monthly basis.
  • Our dedicated team of researchers quickly identifies incarceration matches, and then works one-on-one with the Federal Bureau of Prisons and State Penitentiaries to identify incarcerated individuals.


We provide official inmate verification records to support our incarceration audit findings. Our team of researchers works one-on-one with the Federal Bureau of Prisons and State Penitentiaries to identify incarcerated individuals. Inmate verification records support our Clients in ceasing or suspending a payment to an Incarcerated individual that is no longer valid due to his incarceration.

​Our nationwide network of home-grown relationships with Prisons and State Penitentiaries allows us to quickly obtain verification of an individual’s incarceration status and provide the authentic documentation required to cease or suspend payment. Stop paying benefits and trying to collect on accounts belonging to incarcerated individuals, use our services today.


At Central Research, Inc. we observe implemented policies, standards and procedures that ensure adequate protection of information. Our servers are safeguarded in an industry standard tier 4 data center facility (expected availability of 99.982%). Critical systems/services are redundant and protected by multilayer backup and disaster recovery solution which includes offsite deduplication. Data access security is observed following industry’s best practices and ITIL V3.


CRI has a time-controlled site-access with two separate badge access systems to our facility. Our cameras have 24/7 digital video recording as well as night vision capability. We have remote monitoring and motion activated exterior lighting, as well as a remote monitored intrusion alarm, fire alarm and all entrances and exits are remotely controlled via SMS.​


Our data resides in an industry standard tier 3 data center with a guarantee uptime of 99.982%. Disaster recovery policy and fault tolerance technology in place guarantee systems up and running within 12 hours of a disaster. Servers hosting client data are protected by two independent firewalls from the outside and by network level client security protocols internally. Furthermore, the data center resides in a severe-weather resistant building-within-a-building facility and multiple layers of redundancy have been put in place to insure high availability. We have Complete Continuity of Operations (COOP) capabilities with both of our separate company facilities allowing for both COOP and redundancy.


All CRI employees are cleared in accordance with their job requirements. We utilize a National Crime Search and Agency pre-employment background check, and U.S. Department of Education (ED) Public Trust Clearance for employees. We conduct both pre-employment and monthly random drug screening, and are 100% in compliance with all security-related requirements; including:

  • Quarterly training for Personally Identifiable Information (PII) with 100% compliance.
  • Monthly Vendor Security Assessments which cover both PII and Physical Security.
  • All PII information and other confidential information, is required to be shredded daily. Shred bins are emptied at the end of each day.
  • Annual Interconnection Service Agreements with all vendors.
  • Annual Privacy Act of 1974, Privacy Safeguards and Security Awareness training for employees with 100% compliance.
  • Total and Positive Control of all PII; including, Facility Security Officer who escorts and monitors all cross-cut shredding of PII.

If you would like more information regarding CRI’s capabilities, please email info@central-research.com.