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Logistics and Warehousing

At Central Research, Inc. we recognize that implementing practical solutions, developing effective processes, and delivering superior customer service for our customers will offer them greater efficiencies. We deliver end-to-end logistics and life cycle support to operations such as Mail Management support services that help our customers meet their needs.

We provide warehousing, inventorying, logistics, provisioning, and maintenance-related support to a federal agency responsible for ensuring that mail operations continues nationwide during any type of emergency contingency. In an emergency situation, there is no time for mistakes. Our top priority is ensuring we provide our customer with the highest level of service. We operate and maintain a warehouse that provides asset storage, inventorying, logistics, repair and servicing, and distribution of physical assets. We identify, data enter, process, and utilize a tracking systems to accurately account for the movement of all assets nationwide (and Puerto Rico).

We also service and maintain all equipment, inventory and manage all parts and supplies, provide labor on associated equipment and related systems, and provide program and project management through detailed reports and analyses.

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Mail Operations

Providing technical operations oversight as well as mail receiving and distribution services is one of CRI’s core competencies. We have experienced professionals on multiple federal contracts working to ensure our clients can send and receive mail in a safe and secure environment. CRI provides support to several mail operation centers in the Washington, D.C. area, which includes the inspection, screening, sorting, delivering, metering, tracking, and reporting of all incoming and outgoing freight. Our data support for mail processing databases positions CRI as an industry leader in the field.


If you would like more information regarding CRI’s capabilities please email info@central-research.com.