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Contact/Call Center

As a first- and third-party call center, we can support inbound and outbound calls for a variety of services within the government and commercial sectors. From our front-line operations to our executive team, we have decades of experience to meet all your customer service needs.

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Infectious Disease Contact Tracing

Our contact tracing solutions, used as a comprehensive solution or individually on the level of service needed, acts as an extension of public health authorities. Our experienced CRI contact center operations along with the technology of our subsidiary Global Emergency Response (GER) can be used as a comprehensive solution or individually on the level of service needed.

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Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), Privacy Act (PA) Support

CRI has proven experience supporting agencies with Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and Privacy Act requests. We offer cradle-to-grave FOIA services, FOIA and Privacy Act backlog reduction, program designing and implementation, and case adjudication and litigation support.

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Legal/Paralegal and Litigation Support​​

CRI understands the relationship between technology and law firms. CRI assists lawyers and actively engages in the advancement of legal and litigation support. CRI supports through investigating facts, conducting research, and preparing legal documents.

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Records and Document Management

Modern technology has made the preservation of historical records and artifacts attainable through advanced digitization methods and tools. CRI specializes in records and document management services. CRI supports the U.S. Small Business Administration by providing Records Management Support Services through Federally compliant services and analysis that includes records inventory, scheduling, dispositioning, and file-plan analysis.

We supported the U.S. Army, Casualty Mortuary Affairs Operations Center (USA/CMAOC) / Individual Deceased Personnel Files (IDPF) program to preserve historical and personal records of deceased Army service members. CRI’s careful digitization and preservation process successfully managed thousands of Individual Deceased Personnel Files (IDPF) records for a federal agency customer. Records were digitized according to National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) standards, using a variety of digitization equipment ranging from traditional to advanced methods including the imaging of three-dimensional objects and item in extremely perishable physical condition. Digitized information was stored in an easily accessible database to enable multiple user access. Records were then stored in an easily accessible database to enable multiple-user access to information, improving and making the records retrieval process more efficient, while reducing record deterioration.

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File Operations

CRI understands that quality records management not only helps protect our nation’s historical records, but it also enhances an organization’s operational efficiency. Our clients rest easy knowing their records are in good hands. We ensure all records are filed and managed according to industry best practices, allowing for better informed end-users and effective application of records policies.

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Portfolio Program & Project Management

CRI provides specialized, professional administrative and management support to our customers. We offer quality-assured, cost-effective services as solutions that help reduce organizational costs, improve operational efficiencies, and enable agency resources and funds to be re-focused on core roles and responsibilities.

We offer a full range of administrative services from inventory and documentation management, to filing and other clerical office duties, to research and call center support, and all other general administrative office duties and support.

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Contract & Acquisition Management

Managing the growing complexity of the procurement processes and shortage of qualified workforce can be far less painful when you have a proven industry partner. Differentiating CRI’s acquisition life-cycle support services is the use of lean and other best practice management processes and structures that ensure agile customer support and quality assurance.

CRI’s contract close out experience allows us to proactively plan and execute deliberate, consistent policies and procedures for activities supporting the formal close out of federal contracts. This knowledge includes program management expertise which allows CRI to plan, schedule and execute on behalf of our federal clients.

Key aspects of our contract closeout practices include tracking tasks by role definitions and verifying critical path tasks are monitored closely to allow, for escalation when required. Also critical to our prior performances is our focus on certifying that all services and deliverables are satisfactory and all costs have been identified and resolved. CRI is familiar with all federal contracting contract types, and the variation between each methodology.

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Data Management and Analytics

Central Research, Inc. provides information management, data mining, data processing and data analysis solutions. We help our customers identify, analyze, understand and improve informational and operational support and outreach to target audiences, populations, and cohorts. Our solutions help to enhance agency decision making and efficiencies.

Data transactions are managed in a secure processing environment to seamlessly receive, process, and transfer information at minimal risk. Our services directly impact and improve the understanding of, and outreach services provided for, a specific demographic of beneficiaries.

Our data solutions equip our customers with a better understanding of constituent populations and beneficiaries, resulting in greater administrative and operational efficiencies by improved outreach and services to beneficiaries. This includes identifying where services are most needed geographically, prevention of erroneous disbursement payments, and improved communication.

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Specialized Information Technology Support

CRI understands that many organizations have advanced and specialized systems that require the highest quality control to support. We assist with this by focusing on advising organizations on how best to use information technology in achieving their objectives. In addition to providing advice, CRI can also estimate, manage, implement, deploy, and administer information technology systems on behalf of their clients.

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Systems Engineering and Integration

CRI is well versed in the intricacies of System Engineering and Integration services and has demonstrated the capabilities required to manage this. We do this by bringing together discrete systems utilizing a variety of techniques such as computer networking, enterprise application integration, business process management or manual programming.

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Logistics Training Support

At Central Research, Inc. we recognize that implementing practical solutions, developing effective processes, and delivering superior customer service for our customers will offer them greater efficiencies. We deliver end-to-end logistics and life cycle support to operations such as Mail Management support services that help our customers meet their needs.

We provide warehousing, inventorying, logistics, provisioning, and maintenance-related support to a federal agency responsible for ensuring that mail operations continues nationwide during any type of emergency contingency. In an emergency situation, there is no time for mistakes. Our top priority is ensuring we provide our customer with the highest level of service. We operate and maintain a warehouse that provides asset storage, inventorying, logistics, repair and servicing, and distribution of physical assets. We identify, data enter, process, and utilize a tracking systems to accurately account for the movement of all assets nationwide (and Puerto Rico).

We also service and maintain all equipment, inventory and manage all parts and supplies, provide labor on associated equipment and related systems, and provide program and project management through detailed reports and analyses.

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Mail Operations

Providing technical operations oversight as well as mail receiving and distribution services is one of CRI’s core competencies. We have experienced professionals on multiple federal contracts working to ensure our clients can send and receive mail in a safe and secure environment. CRI provides support to several mail operation centers in the Washington, D.C. area, which includes the inspection, screening, sorting, delivering, metering, tracking, and reporting of all incoming and outgoing freight. Our data support for mail processing databases positions CRI as an industry leader in the field.

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